So ! We saw your advertisement and we try to find any possibilities to work.

We are a Hungarian dancers and we would like to travel around the world.  




  Zoltán Szauer
Name: Zoltán Szauer
Date of Birth: 8 of Dec 1974.
Place of Birth : Pécs, Hungary
Nationality : Hungarian

I was 15 when I started dancing and now a dance teachers and teaches different dancing couples.   ................

Trainers : 

Gábor Finak,  
Chester Whitmore,  
Marcus Koch – Barbl Kaufer  
Chezz Young 

5 years ago I teach 3 dancing groups. 

I’ve been teaching Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop, Swing, Electric Boogie and Hipp Hopp. 

Hungarian Championship  

Electric Boogie   I. Place
Hot Blues         I. Place 
Acro Mixing Blues II. Place
Boogie Woogie       III. Place 
Hipp Hopp duo II.Place

European Championship 

Swing                    1995 14. Place 

World Championship 

Acro Mixing Blues           9. Place 
Electric Boogie                 9. Place 
Hipp Hopp duo 18.Place

***** Zoltán Szauer   *****


  Gyöngyi Uszkay
Name: Gyöngyi Uszkay
Date of Birth: 9 of May 1981.
Place of Birth Budapest, Hungary
Nationality : Hungarian


1989 - 1992 State Ballet Institute
In 1992 I got closer to jazz ballet then to modern jazz
I was 11 years old when I started to study modern jazz at Roth Dennis.
From 1995 I started to study Tap dance and Swing
for 5 years I’ve been studyng jazz ballet ( teacher Földi Béla) and Tap dance (teacher Laszló Bóbis ) at Oktogon Dance Center.
And some jazz courses I studied from Gilbert Passe-Coutrin, Raza Hammadi and Béla Földi, and Swing - Chester Whitmore
1998 I’m one of the members of his dancers in Happy Hoppers and Tap Cats groups. ( The best Hungarian dance group)

From 1998 I’ve been
teaching jazz and tap dance at Oktogon Dance Center

Hungarian Championship  

Dance Artistic Festival “Modern dance” category 1. Place

Tap Dance Championshiop (duos) 2. Place


World Championship 

Junior Tap Dance Championship
(small group ) 3. Place

Adult Tap Dance
(female solo)
Adult Tap Dance
( group ) 6.Place

Adult Tap Dance
(female solo)

Some pictuers :

1 - old pictures
2 -
new pictures


QUICK TIME Movie file

Boogie Woogie
788 kB

Electric Boogie
321 kB

Electric Show
517 kB

Hot Blues
207 kB

Download all 4 moovies as a zip package(1.8 MB, ca 10 min with 3.7 KBps).

full verzio !

Boogie Woogie
1,540 kB
Electric Boogie
840 kB
Hot Blues
997 kB
Dance Mix 1
1,096 kB
Dance Mix 2
2,129 kB
Tapp 2
1,187 kB



  Please, if you have work for us answer our letter.


Szauer Zoltan
Tüzér u. 6.

Tel /fax : (00)-36-72-210-244
Mobil: 36-302-714-732


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